Support for babies and young children at home

Home visits are made in agreement with parents/carers.  The VI teacher will complete an initial assessment, and then discuss with the parents/carers the relevant support to be offered.  The specialist teaching assistants may share these visits to support both parents and the young child in cases where the visual impairment is severe.

Family support may involve multi-agency working with health or social care professionals, eg through joint home visits, Team Around the Child (TAC) or Child in Need (CIN) meetings, Child Development Early Years Support groups, or supporting the family at ophthalmic appointments.


Early Years Provision

Following an initial assessment, and using the NatSIP eligibility criteria, an indication of the level of support to be provided by the VI team will be ascertained.  The VI teacher will discuss with the pre-school/early years setting the type of support the child may need.  If the initial assessment has highlighted the need for individual support, the VI teacher will discuss the Graduated Approach with the SENCo.  Awareness raising and training may also be provided to all staff.