• to manage programmes for children with severe and complex visual impairments in the early years (from birth/identification) and as a peripatetic service when those children attend school, whether in their local mainstream school or at a special school;
  • to support all children with visual impairments in their educational journey from birth to school leaving age, in liaison with their school.



  • to teach Braille to educationally blind pupils;
  • to provide functional vision assessments for school-aged children;
  • to make recommendations for the type of support that is needed for the child to access the curriculum successfully;
  • to provide specialist resources and modified texts to allow learners access to the curriculum;
  • to enable each child to fulfil their potential academically;
  • to make home visits and initial assessments for babies, young children and pre-school children, followed by discussions around the level of support to be offered;
  • to support parents with practical and educational advice, emotional support and support with medical visits to help them understand their child's visual impairment;
  • to provide support in requesting and producing SEND/EHC plans;
  • to contribute to the Annual Review process;
  • to provide support to special schools in Central Bedfordshire by providing training to staff to ensure in-house skills are maintained;
  • to work in a multi-agency capacity with education, health and social care professionals.