Rockin' Robin

What a fantastic, fun filled day at Work Shop and Play for some of the students who access the Medical Needs Teaching Service. Who would have thought that making needle felt robins could be so therapeutic, entertaining and an excellent way to make new friends? 

From the moment we arrived the atmosphere was warm and welcoming; Christmas music playing gently in the background and an aroma of festive flavours floating in the air.  Our hosts ensured that we spent the day laughing, joking and creating the most amazing robins imaginable; each one unique and special in their own way. We learnt so much about how to craft with needle felt but also how to have patience and support each other with our mishaps, our sometimes lack of ability and our need to collapse into giggles at so many different points in the day.

The students who came along were brilliant; so creative they put the grown-ups to shame. Even though they had not met before their spirit was infectious; it brought a tear to the eye to see them bonding so quickly; smiles all around, chattering away like lifelong friends, swapping ideas and taking part in all that was on offer.  Their robins will be treasured for ever as they put their all into crafting them; no mean feat as it took a good few hours and the patience of a saint; stopping only for tea, sweets and goodies of course.

After a well-deserved lunch we moved on to decoupage – glitter and glue galore! Not for the faint hearted this festive treat; the levels of concentration needed for this sticky task cannot be underestimated! But oh my! What unbelievably, brilliant Christmas decorations were made by students and staff alike, and by the end of the day not one of us wanted to go home. Who would want to? Why would we? The only reason we could was that we, each and every one of us, was able to take something beautiful home with us, and I don’t mean just our rockin’ robins and decoupage stars and baubles, but  that warm fuzzy feeling one gets when they have made new friendships and shared something special.