A Roaring Success

The Medical Needs team took 10 students to Whipsnade Zoo on 13 July, to give them the opportunity to socialise and make new friends, which isn't always easy for those who are unable to attend school regularly.  They had a purr-fect day!

Friday the thirteenth; unlucky for some but not for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better day: blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze, topped off by the smiling faces of our students eager to meet each other and mingle with the wild life of Whipsnade Zoo.

First port of call the giraffes. Our minds were blown by the informative and fascinating insight into the life of this graceful creature. We learnt about its adaptations, lifestyle, strange grey tongue and weird walk. Did you know it walks both left legs forward followed by both right? Try it for yourself and see just how difficult it is to master and still look graceful.

From there we ambled across the grassland of Whipsnade visiting many an animal; taking photos and capturing memories. Chatter and laughter followed where ever we went; a wonderful sight indeed to see our students so engaged, relaxed and happy.

In search of the elusive sloth bears we found instead lions lazing in the glorious sunshine, brown bears seeking shelter from the sun, flamboyant flamingos showing of their florescent feathers, tigers hiding in the foliage and of course the wolverine; wild yes, but today lounging around, too hot for any ferocity.

A relaxing lunch next, chilling in the shade and then on to the splendour of the bird show; an abundance of colours, feathers in flight; swooping and swishing in the sunlight. Mind blowing stuff.

Gazing out over the landscape by the penguins’ pool we felt calm serenity take over. We may have walked miles but we all felt we had had a great day and so by the time we headed to the exit we knew that we may have learnt new things, seen some awesome animals but that most importantly we had made new friends.

What a purr-fect day!