16 December 2016

The HAST Medical Needs Team packed up their knapsacks, laced up their boots and visited Milton Keynes on Wednesday 14th December for the spectacular, traditional family pantomime Dick Whittington and workshop …. and a brilliant time was had by all!

The Medical Needs Team planned the trip for 8 students, their parents and 4 members of staff who attended an excellent workshop in the morning where the theme of the panto was explored through drama. A whole range of confidence building activities were also completed by the group. This was followed by watching a superb performance of the show!

The purpose of the trip was to bring together students who can often become isolated as a result of their medical conditions and provide an opportunity to socialise away from home with other students, who have much in common.

Positive outcomes included:

  • Seeing the confidence growth in some students from the previous trip to this one
  • Seeing the students blossom and participate in a very well managed workshop – totally adapted to suit their needs
  • Having students and their parents chilling out at lunch, supporting each other, sharing numbers and giggling together
  • The laughs and enjoyment as the show unfolded from all the students – and staff!!
  • Being asked when the next trip was!!


Successful in all sorts of ways!