HAST conference update

Following the summer conference, the HAST Board reviewed all the ideas generated and identified a number of priorities.  Projects are now underway to address these priorities.  In particular:

- £25,000 provided by HAST to improve teacher recruitment and retention across the pyramid, which might include developmental TLR posts or training bursaries;

- £25,000 provided by HAST to fund additional support from specialists such as an Educational Psychologist, Family Support Worker or counselling services;

- £2,000 to fund a review of the current assessment framework across all the HAST schools, with a view to developing a common assessment framework throughout the pyramid;

- £3,000 provided to fund a music festival across all schools - this will take place on 13 January 2016.

A number of other priorities are also being considered, such as improved IT services, financial support for school trips, joint policies, and governors attending other governing body meetings to share best practice and better understand the issues facing other schools.