Referrals are made to the Medical Needs service from the pupil's school.

Teaching is provided for pupils whose education is disrupted for an initial period exceeding three weeks, due to:

  • an illness or injury keeping the pupil away from school whilst recovering;
  • an illness or injury requiring regular hospital attendance;
  • a chronic condition that causes frequent absences from school;
  • a mental illness requiring therapeutic support.

Referral process

Referral documents include both a school referral form and a medical referral form that outlines the diagnosis and an NHS treatment plan.  A meeting to draw up a Personal Education Plan (PEP) will only be organised once appropriate referral information has been received from the pupil's school, and is supported by an appropriately completed medical referral.

Pupils only come on to the roll of Medical Needs once a package of tuition has been agreed at the meeting to draw up the PEP.  Prior to this, the school is responsible for providing education for that pupil.  The PEP meeting will discuss the student's needs and a timetable will be organised, taking into the account the number of hours of teaching that the pupil is considered able to access, given their medical condition.

Click here for the School Referral Form.

Click here for the Medical Referral Form.