Teaching may take place at home, in school, or in other venues such as children's centres and libraries if medical advice evidences a need for an alternative location.  For example, this may be related to a child or young person's anxiety around a school context.

The service is responsible for supporting pupils who live in Central Bedfordshire, even if they are attending an independent school, in line with advice from the Department for Education.

Pupils access as many hours' teaching as they are medically able to, on advice from the lead health professional, in discussion with the team.

Students are taught on a 1:1 basis, or in small groups.

A review meeting is held every 6 weeks, and the individual's provision is altered depending on the continuing and developing needs of the pupil.

In order for tuition to be agreed, it is expected that every pupil is engaged with an appropriate health package, and attending their health appointments.  Without pupil engagement with health professionals, tuition will cease, as a doctor will be unable to determine whether or not a person is fit enough for school unless that pupil attends appointments.

Where a package of tuition is deemed medically appropriate, but the pupil does not engage, then the pupil will be referred back to the Attendance Officer at their school.