Criteria for admission to the Peripatetic Team

New referrals from audiological clinics will be initiated by the audiologist and signed by parents, providing their permission for HAST Teachers of the Deaf to visit their child at home, in nursery, pre-school and school settings.

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Referrals will be accepted from schools and/or parents where a concern has arisen regarding a child's hearing.  Referrals such as these may include children who are already on the HAST HI caseload, or have started to present with a possible hearing loss during school, but have not yet been seen at the audiology clinic.

Professional colleagues such as speech and language therapists (SALT) may refer a child to the HAST peripatetic team.

Elective Home Educated students will be assessed based on individual circumstances with regard to the SEN Code of Practice alongside the HAST/NatSIP eligibility criteria.

Where students attend independent schools in Central Bedfordshire, a Teacher of the Deaf may carry out an initial assessment visit, but after that, any monitoring requested is chargeable.

Criteria for admission to HAST Hearing Impaired provision schools

Students will have a statement of Special Educational Needs/Education Health and Care Plan identifying their hearing impairment and naming one of the provision schools (Toddington St George, Parkfields Middle or Harlington Upper) in part 6.