The Trust was commissioned to run the Hearing Impairment Service on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council from 1 April 2012.  HAST works closely with CBC to ensure that the services continue to be developed to support local need.  Hearing Impaired (HI) learners will have the best quality of provision from 0-18 within the HAST community.

The service supports children and young people with a hearing impairment from birth or identification of the hearing loss.  Peripatetic support is provided through home visits alongside nursery and pre-school visits, and then on to your child's local school.  HAST manages three Hearing Impairment provisions located within Toddington St George C of E School, Parkfields Middle School and Harlington Upper School, drawing on 30 years of experience, resulting in a deaf-friendly environment where HI learners from 3-18 can thrive academically, emotionally and socially.   Provision for HI learners is not an "add-on", but a fully integrated provision operating within a mainstream educational environment.

Support for children and young people attending a local school or pre-school is provided by a team of qualified Teachers of the Deaf working peripatetically across Central Bedfordshire.  Support is provided following an initial referral from the child's audiology department.  Additional support may also be provided by a qualified nursery nurse specialising in hearing impairment if required, who works alongside your child's ToD.  The HI Manager provides additional educational audiological support as required complementing your child's clinical audiological support.