• to support all children with an identified hearing impairment for whom hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants have been provided, from birth to school leaving age, in liaison with the child's school;
  • to be responsible for managing programmes for pupils with severe and complex hearing impairments in the early years (from birth/identification), in the specialist provisions in Toddington St George, Parkfields and Harlington Upper Schools, or as a peripatetic service for those pupils who attend their local mainstream schools;
  • to monitor the provision of pupils with severe and complex hearing impairments in out-of-authority specialist placements;
  • to support those pupils and staff within the provision schools to be an integral part of the broader pupil/staff group at those schools.


  • to ensure provision and effective use of appropriate hearing aid equipment (personal hearing aids, FM Radio hearing aids etc) to each child;
  • to enable the children, their parents/carers, their peers and school staff to have an informed and positive understanding of hearing impairment;
  • to enable each child to develop their auditory discrimination skills, communication skills, speech and language and literacy in line with their abilities;
  • to enable each child to fulful their potential academically;
  • to enable each child to develop appropriate social skills, in order to function within both hearing and deaf communities;
  • to support the Council in implementing an efficient service that meets statutory requirements.